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No, seriously, it is. WiiWare title The Will of Dr. Frankenstein is available for download as of Today, April 28th. Visual Impact developed this downloadable adventure game as a prequel to their upcoming full retail game The Island of Dr. Frankenstein. It might be a kid-friendly adventure along the lines of Harvest Moon, but it's definitely an interesting way to handle a prequel.
The Will of Dr Frankenstein WiiWare™ Release 28thApril
Enjoy Gaming ltd., European digital and retail publisher, presents ‘The Will of Dr
Frankenstein’ WiiWare, an enjoyable adventure for all ages. The prequel of the
upcoming Wii title ‘The Island of Dr Frankenstein’, a Milthon nominated video
game, was developed by Paris based developer Visual Impact.
23rd april, 2010 – The Will of Dr Frankenstein is a magical adventure game, set in a very
cute environment. The storyline; the Charismatic characters and the funny “one-liners” will
take you on a journey meeting strange monsters, talking to them and helping them solve
their problems. And you will have to find hidden treasure and resolve puzzles.
During hours of playing you play as Frankie the hero of the story. Frankie is a young orphan
who has been teleported to a strange flying island built by his great-great uncle, the
Professor Frankenstein... Here, he must help his ancestor to build a strange machine in
order to save the island and its inhabitants from destruction.
About Enjoy Gaming ltd.
A UK based digital and retail publisher on all major platforms, founded in 2009, led by CEO
Paul Tresise, brings a line up of over 20 titles in 2010 to the European and world wide
market including Licensed tiles with Honda, Chevrolet, Heathcliff & Gummy Bears plus
new film titles such as Beastly due for release in the 4th quarter with a host of other top
quality products.
About Visual Impact
A game development company founded in 1994 with studios in France and Belgium.
Responsible for developing million seller titles such as Imagine : Babyz and Harry
Potter and the Order of The Phoenix. Visual Impact is responsible for developing innovative
technology such as the "360° MotionFlow" exclusive for Nintendo DSi™ and is currently
creating titles for all major console platforms.

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