The Wii Virtual Console GOTY: Deathbed Edition (Video)

by: Cyril -
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2011 was not a good year for the Wii's Virtual Console. The once-strong service was reduced to a shell of its former self, only offering up an appallingly low seventeen games in 52 weeks. It doesn't take a math expert to figure out that Nintendo only delivered games 37% of the time, an embarrassing number when compared to the last few years.

Worse yet, Wii owners haven't seen a new Virtual Console release since August! With no additions in sight, the Nintendo's download service could conceivably die having The Ignition Factor as its final release. Now that's a scary thought!

Even with the low number of releases and lack of enthusiasm, I thought it would be nice to come up with a list of the top seventeen Wii Virtual Console games released in 2011. The result is a ten minute long video that somehow features Final Fantasy III, Super Bonk, Faxanadu and Ghosts 'N Goblins. Find out who takes the Game of the Year award when you watch Wii Virtual Console G.O.T.Y.: Deathbed Edition!

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