The Swarm invades Gratuitous Space Battles

by: Chad -
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Another expansion pack is available for Gratuitous Space Battles.  It's called "The Swarm" which is also the name of the new race that has been added to the indie space strategy game.  The Swarm are nomads that use disruptor beams, fusion guns and smart bombs.  In all, the expansion adds 10 new ships, new weapons and ship modules, as well as two new scenarios.

We've got a video showing The Swarm in action.  Those interested can get more information here and can purchase the expansion for only $5.99.


The latest race to invade the galaxy of Gratuitous Space Battles are here. they call themselves 'the swarm'. Space-dwelling nomads who destroy all they encounter, using cunning new gratuitous weapons such as disruptor beams, fusion guns, and deadly smart-bombs.

The Swarm expansion pack adds an entire new race to Indie Space Strategy game 'Gratuitous Space Battles'. 10 new ships, new weapons and ship modules, and two new scenarios to battle against, as well as to use online in the unique GSB online challenge system.

Full details on the expansion pack can be found on the positech games website here:

The Expansion pack is just $5.99 to you humans, available direct from the developer.
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