The Squier by Fender Stratocaster is given a price and date

by: John -
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You just picked up Rock Band 3 but want to use a real guitar for Pro mode rather than the buttons galore controller from Mad Catz. What do you do? Why, pre-order the Squier controller on New Year's Day and for $279.99 and wait til March 1, 2011 to get it.

For $280, you can nab yourself this controller that'll let you rock out the way real guitar players do on the game and use it as a real guitar as well when hooked to an amp. The thing looks mighty impressive but $280's a pretty steep price.

I'm not real guitarist so this thing would probably be lost on me but if there's a game and a peripheral that would get me to try to play a real guitar, Rock Band 3 would be it.
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