The Sony Move seems to be coming to the PC

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Kinect has made its way to the PC thanks to many hackers out there and the ease of connection to the computer via a USB cable. We've also seen a Move like controller demoed at E3 and CES from Razer called the Hydra. Well, Sony might be looking to put their product on the PC as well.

A panel at GDC has a description on letting people develop Move projects on their PC. The description mentions something called the Move Server project, which will allow this.

The Move needs a camera to operate so you'll need some space, but as we seen with the Hydra, that implementation allows the controllers to be near the PC because it doesn't rely on optics to help track the controller's movements. I'm one of those folks who have little space between me and the PC so the Move probably wouldn't be possible in my setup. But, it's good to see that Sony's looking to branch out to the PC platform with their peripheral.

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