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Still playing The Secret World?  Yeah, I really need to get back into that at some point, especially since it no longer requires a subscription, but I'm getting off track a bit.  Point is, those who still play Funcom's hit MMO are getting treated to a new Lair Raid.  In the new raid, players will be able to enter The Island of Stillborn Stars, an extra dimensional prison, and battle Eidolon of the Outer Dark.

For those unfamiliar with lairs, they're basically the World of Warcraft equivalent of raid dungeons.  They're lairs in which players must fight together to take down monsters tougher than what you would normally find.  These monsters will drop more experience points and better loot than your average monster, including pattern pieces that can summon powerful bosses.  The video below, while dated a bit, contains a preview of the raid.

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Players in The Secret World can now enjoy a completely new Lair Raid. The barriers between dimensions are weakening and the players are able to enter the extra dimensional prison, The Island of Stillborn Stars, and battle the brutal Eidolon of the Outer Dark, which awaits them.


A preview of the new Lair Raid can be seen in the Issue #6; The Last Train to Cairo video, narrated by Game Director Joel Bylos.

This new Raid is the culmination of The Secret World’s Lair feature. In Lairs the players fight together in groups to take on tough monsters. These enemies not only offer good loot and many Experience Points, but can also drop pieces of patterns which can be put together to summon powerful bosses. There is a marked Lair area in each major playfield in The Secret World.


There are several tiers of such Lair bosses and the Eidolon of the Outer Dark offers the most brutal Lair challenge. Here players must gather in groups of ten to take on this Raid size battle, and work together closely to overcome the many tricks and traps the boss has made ready for them.

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