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The Secret World is definitely something different when it comes to free-to-play MMOs, and I'd say being unique and intriguing is a must in a genre dominated by something as generic as WoW. The eldritch horror RPG is marking its one year anniversary with a brand new chapter--Issue #7: A Dream to Kill. The teaser trailer doesn't reveal much, but a nursery full of creepy dolls standing around a corpse with a meat cleaver in its neck is never a good sign. Hit the jump for more details.


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– ‘Issue #7: A Dream to Kill’, the latest major content update for the myths, legends and conspiracy themed MMO ‘The Secret World, launches next week – 
Oslo, Norway – July 1st, 2013 – Funcom is excited to offer a quick and decidedly creepy glimpse into what gamers can look forward to next week when the seventh major content update for ‘The Secret World’ finally hits the live servers. ‘Issue 7: A Dream to Kill’ is the latest installment in a series of comprehensive updates that have greatly expanded the story, content and feature set in Funcom’s unique modern-day massively multiplayer game, and this time around players get to live out their secret agent fantasies as they explore a new and action-packed storyline in Transylvania.
Snowmobile chases, flamethrowers, werewolves and more – ‘Issue #7: A Dream to Kill’ takes the MMO experience in a direction that are sure to catch fans of the genre by surprise!
“The last issue had a distinct Indiana Jones feel to it, and if I am to compare Issue #7 to something similar, I would probably draw parallels to James Bond and similar spy thrillers,” says Joel Bylos, Creative Director at Funcom. “From fighting on top of moving trains to battling skyscraper-sized monsters in the middle of Times Square; ‘The Secret World’ has become synonymous with the fresh, new and unexpected. ‘A Dream to Kill’ is no exception, in fact I think players will be more surprised than ever!”
This week ‘The Secret World’ also celebrates its first anniversary, and Mr. Bylos has put together a letter to the community where he talks about this important milestone, the Issue #7 update and also touches briefly on what is to come in the next update. The letter also contains a unique story comic that gives another glimpse into Issue #7 and what players can expect in terms of story.
‘The Secret World’ is currently the highest ranked released game on It does not require a subscription to play and membership is optional. For more information about ‘The Secret World’, please visit
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