The Pros and Cons of Nintendo's Secrecy

by: Sean Colleli -
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Here's an interesting article about Nintendo's secrecy among major game publishers, and the way this tendency to be tight-lipped helps and hurts the company. I come down more on the "hurt" side of things. Yes they don't get embarrassing leaks like the PSPGo, but they seem impersonal and disconnected to their fanbase and their press conferences are almost always disappointing because they keep exciting projects secret for so damn long.  Metroid Other M was the only saving grace for this year's E3 conference and let's not even talk about last year's.

Think about it--if they'd hinted a new Metroid and maybe a Mario Galaxy 2 last year, and then hyped Kid Icarus, Starfox, Zelda or whatever else they have planned this year, they'd have had slam dunks two years in a row. Instead they waste half their time on casual stuff, and E3 isn't the correct forum for that; hype the minigames and bathroom scales on Oprah, save E3 for the gamers.
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