The PlayStation phone -Update 2-

by: John -
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It seems everyone's trying to get into the phone business lately with rumors of Facebook and Sony. Well, Sony has a line of phones in the Ericsson lineup, but we're talking about PlayStation phone.

Engadget has many more pics on what is believed to be a prototype of said PlayStation phone. Reported specs are 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8655, 512MB of ram, 1 GB of rom, and up to a 4.1" screen. You can see the familiar buttons in the slide-out and there's a multi-touch area in the middle.

The lock screen is stock Android or AOSP. Having said that, I'd be interested to see how far Sony goes through with this, if this is indeed real. I actually play a lot of games via emulators on my HTC EVO 4G and having a setup like this would be kinda nice rather than having the controls on the screen itself. It doesn't have an analog stick though, which I would be disappointed in.

So, would you guys be interested in a phone that's like a PSPgo?

-Update- NowGamer contacted Sony Europe and they are saying it's a fake.

-Update 2- Engadget is standing by their word that this thing is for real. As for me, I'm not above the fact that Sony would deny it and say it's a fake just try and keep this under wraps. So, do you guys think it's real?
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