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The Daily Show (with no show of hubris, no, not them!) has created The Most Important Trivia Game Ever.  You pit your knowledge against online opponents -- up to three others -- as you bask in the glorious heights that your knowlege and lightning reflexes can take you regarding geography, politics, and even the cast of the Daily Show.  Just sign up at (it's free, no spam, put away your fears) and proceed to "share your high score with friends to prove your intellectual superiority."  Yay!  I shot through a round, came it second place, and felt the fun and intensity that only playing against other humans can spring.

Put Your Knowledge To The Test Against Online Opponents In The Most Important Trivia Game Ever Created

With the political debates heating up, and the candidates being tested on their knowledge of world events, how does your knowledge hold up to the so-called future leaders of our country? Fear not, for the Daily Show has just the tool to answer that burning question – The Most Important Trivia Game Ever!  In what will surely be known as the definitive source of hard-hitting questions and mind-bending conundrums, this trivia game pits you against other players fighting for the top score in a series of rapid-fire trivia rounds carefully designed to put your knowledge to the test. Visit: to prove your mental dominance over the entire human race.

  • The Daily Show puts your knowledge of current events, history, and geography to the test.


  • Battle opponents online in fast-paced trivia games for the highest score.


  • Share you’re high score with friends to prove your intellectual superiority.


  • Use your high-score as a platform for Presidential Candancy.

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