The Maliaran Frontier awaits PoxNora players

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PoxNora may have 12 expansions already, but that isn't stopping SOE from adding another. The Maliaran Frontier is the latest addition to the online card-battling RPG, adding new runes, powers and a whole new island for players to fight on. There is also a new eight mission single player campaign, new races and player avatars. Check out for the newest version or get it through the Facebook application. It looks like 13 is a lucky number for this one.
Sony Online Entertainment Launches Maljaran Frontier

The 13th Expansion of PoxNora is Now Available

WHAT: Find adventure on the mystical island of Maljara in the 13th PoxNora expansion, Maljaran Frontier. Available to players at and through the PoxNora Facebook application, Maljaran Frontier is PoxNoras largest and most exciting campaign ever.

All players will receive complimentary access to three of the eight new campaigns. These campaigns will automatically be displayed in the campaign lobby, while the remaining five will be available for purchase in the PoxNora marketplace.

FEATURES: All new runes and abilities heighten the war between factions as it expands to a new jungle island where new races join the battle for power. A new map and soundtrack bring the battle to the Shores of Maljara, which includes the tragic death of one of PoxNoras heroes.

New Runes: Utilize 78 new runes, including new champions, spells, equipment and relics

New Single Player Campaign: An all-new campaign with eight missions

New Races: Leoss, Kanen, The Stitched and Tortun races break traditional boundaries and can ally with more than one faction

New Player Avatars: Player Avatars will now be able to reach a level of 50, providing new looks and abilities

Disconnect Protection: Players will no longer be kicked out of a game if they are disconnected from the server. Disconnect Protection allows players a fixed window of time to reconnect to their current game.

WHEN: Maljaran Frontier is now available. Players can access PoxNora at or through the Facebook application at

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