The Gunstringer second DLC Real Big Shootin’ available Dec. 15

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The Gunstringer will be receiving a second piece of downloadable content titled Real Big Shootin’ that promises to add even more shooting action. Real Big Shootin’ has players battling the "Mad Dog" McDog for his recent actions to dishonor your credibility as the fastest shot in the west. Players will be facing off against jet-pack minions, dynamite bombardments, metal dudes, and flying cows throughout four acts that each contain several challenges. The downloadable content also supports turn-based cooperative gameplay if you need assistance with taking down McDog.
The Gunstringer downloadable content Real Big Shootin’ will be available on December 15 for 240 Microsoft Points.

Announcing: Real Big Shootin’
The Gunstringer’s Second Edition Of Fine DLC Content Hits XBLA
Dec. 13th, 2011 - Austin, TX - Today Twisted Pixel and Microsoft Studios are pleased to announce a new batch of add-on content, Real Big Shootin’ for The Gunstringer.  In this chapter of the VGA-nominated Kinect title, you find yourself going up against “Mad Dog” McDog who is out to slander your good name as the quickest draw in the west.  He will throw any challenge he can at you to trip you up, so make sure your wits are sharp and your guns are hot!
Play through four acts of “shoot-em-up” gameplay with several challenges per act, facing everything from jet-pack minions, dynamite bombardment, metal dudes, and flying cows.  With a host of weaponry at your disposal, train your good eye on all incoming obstacles for a chance to face off against McDog himself.  You can also team up with a buddy for turn-based co-op to assist in shooting down that mangy no good dog.  All this for 240 Microsoft Points!  More details can be found on The Gunstringer official blog and website:
About The Gunstringer
The Gunstringer is the fifth original IP from Twisted Pixel Games featuring YOU as the puppeteer of an undead marionette cowboy shooting his way across the west and beyond to right the wrongs upon him.  Use your motions to take out deadly enemies, avoid obstacles and get some payback in this classic tale of vengeance.  The Gunstringer features a unique gameplay experience only with Kinect, multiplayer co-op, and two out of this world add-on packages, The Wavy Tubeman Chronicles, and the newly released Real Big Shootin’!  The Gunstringer is available in stores now and add-on content is available on Xbox LIVE!

About Twisted Pixel Games, LLC
Twisted Pixel is a subsidiary of Microsoft Studios.  They’re the dudes behind hit Xbox 360 titles The Maw, Splosion Man, Comic Jumper, Ms. Splosion Man and The Gunstringer which have garnered awards and nominations from the IGF, VGA’s, IGN Best of E3, and more.  The studio specializes in personality-driven, original IP titles that focus on memorable characters, creative gameplay, and impressive presentation. Learn more at and
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