The Grid offers up slick controllers for those locked in Tron.

by: Sean Cahill -
More On: Tron: Evolution
Specially designed controllers have been released by PDP to go hand in hand with not just TRON, but any game you choose to play.  Keeping with the overall design of both the 360 and the PS3 controller, PDP looks to have released a couple of very good looking controllers.  The only real complaint that I would have over the design is that the 360 version is wired, which should simply be done away with completely.  Other than that, the looks of both layouts are very clean.

Heads up: the folks at PDP have just rolled out the final collector’s edition TRON controller. The Microsoft Xbox 360 White TRON controller and Sony Playstation 3 White TRON controller are available for pre-order exclusively through PDP’s website for $49.99.

The PS3 edition is the first wireless Collector's Edition TRON controller! Designed after Gem, a Siren program from “TRON: Legacy”, features include a unique pearl color, mist grey handles and crystal white light up-accents.

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