The Duke gets a comic book

by: Sean Colleli -
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I know Duke Nukem fans are over the moon because they're finally getting their hands on Duke Nukem Forever. I'm pretty happy about that too, actually. But I think the merchandising is getting a little out of hand. A comic series called Duke Nukem: Glorious Bastard has been announced by IDW, and I'm a bit skeptical. First of all the title kind of sucks, you think they could do better than gangking from a second-rate Tarantino film, but just what kind of story is this comic supposed to tell?

Duke Nukem works because it's an interactive experience, and the story has always played a distant second fiddle to Duke's outrageous personality and the tight, unrelenting FPS action. What is this comic about? Is it just Duke spouting one-liners while a crew of goofy side characters ooh and ahh over how awesome he is? The "aliens took our babes!" plot works because it's mostly background noise that serves as an excuse for you to shoot a lot of aliens, but when that flimsy plot is the entire focus...I'm sorry, I'm not sure how that could work.

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