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The Dishwasher returns...

by: Jeremy -
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 Last year, Ska Studios released James Silva's indie developed Dishwasher: Dead Samurai to plenty of critical acclaim on the Xbox Live Arcade.  For quite a few months now, we have been teased over and over with the pending sequel.  First there was Tom Morello's leak alongside the Halo: Reach screenshots he snuck out of Microsoft... then there was the mysterious dish washing liquid that numerous gaming news outlets received in the mail.  Despite all of the speculation... we never had anything concrete, until now.
Ska Studios has lifted the veil on the upcoming Xbox Live Arcade exclusive sequel, the Dishwasher: Vampire Smile.  The sequel is scheduled to come out later this year though PAX East attendees will get the first look at the title later this month.  The new game will contain a ton of additions over the original, including an endless mode, quick arcade challenges, and both single-player and cooperative campaigns.  You can check out the first screens and the official trailer below: