The Daily Sponge: Hard(ware) and Wet (for 360)

by: Ben Berry -
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Welcome to Wednesday Wound-up…. Make that round-up. Anyways, the mid-week roundup will generally be hardware focused, with enough hardware to make you… for lack of a better word… hard.
Starting it off with a bang, there’s Legit Reviews coverage of the 2009 Intel Developer Forum. There’s some pretty nice stuff going on there! If after reading that coverage you still don’t believe they’re 2 Legit 2 quit, read their review of the ATI Radeon HD 5850 Crossfire. Love reading about motherboards? Who doesn’t! Make your way over to Techgage for their review of the Gigabyte P55-UD5. Not enough? Go to the extreme with the XtremeComputing review of the MSI P55 GD65 i5.
To go with all of the hard stuff, here’s something to make you wet… Atomic Gamer’s review of Wet for the 360.
Oh and finally, speaking of wet… here’s some coverage of the Babes of PAX 2009, or the lack thereof, courtesy of [OC]ModShop.
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