The Conduit review and backlashing of GamePro

by: John -
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Look, not everyone's going to agree on how good or bad a game is. No matter how many folks say they truly enjoy a game, a reviewer for a site might not find the game all that good. That's OK as you can't please everyone and really it is only one guy's opinion on the matter. So here's a thread on NeoGaf on GamePro's review of The Conduit and how everyone is blaming the guy for the poor review of the game. For me as long as you are accurate and provide examples of why you didn't like a game then it's OK. There does seem to be some discrepancies though and I do find it funny they give it 3.5 stars which by all accounts makes it a relatively good game. Our own Sean Colleli is going to be taking a look at it so we'll see if his view of the game is going to be like GamePro's or more of the general public's view of it.

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