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I don't usually give GameStop my business because I disagree with their policies, but the preorder bonus they are offering with The Conduit might force me to make an exception on my boycott. If you plunk down the five preorder bucks you'll get a limited edition of the game, which includes an artbook and codes to unlock a new multiplayer skin and a new skin for the game's All Seeing Eye gadget.  All of this is packed into a shiny collector's box with the logo of the Trust on the front, the shadowy organization you work for in the game. I'm really getting hyped for Conduit and so are a lot of other fans, so you might want to reserve your special edition copy sooner rather than later.
Hit the jump for a snazzy press release and all the details.

Pre-order The Conduit and Receive a Special Edition Upgrade!
Pre-Order The Conduit now and receive a special edition upgrade!
The Conduit For a limited time, pre-order The Conduit at GameStop and receive a Special Edition upgrade, which includes:

• Follow the Conduit from concept to creation in the 24-page "making-of" book.
• Unlock the secrets of the The Conduit with the "All-Seeing Eye" (A.S.E.), featuring custom detailing and light projection.
• Dominate your opponentes in intense multiplayer matches with the "Secret Agent" skin.

The Conduit
Upgrade with GameStop
The Conduit Explore a near-future America where nothing is as it seems in the Conduit, a first-person shooter with a dynamic control scheme only possible on the Wii™.
The Conduit
Uncover more of the conspiracy
The Conduit

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