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For a paltry $19.95, The Chosen: Well of Souls is available at  Pit your hunter, monk, or warrior in a role-playing clickfest against the sorcerer Marcus Dominus Ingens in this Latin-happy, Diablo-styled, small house production.  Expect our Gaming Nexus review up soon.  The Chosen: Well of Souls is available on PC and rated T.

Journey into the ultimate action role-playing quest that pits you against an army of demons and devils like no other. Hellbent and determined to take over the world, the powerful sorcerer Marcus Dominus Ingens has recruited the souls of ancient alchemists to aid in his destructive onslaught.

Get ready for an unparalleled action role-playing experience that combines gruesome, action-packed battles with a deep, involving storyline set in the turn of the 19th century.

Draw your sword, staff or gun against evil to save the souls of your people and the future of the world!

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"The Chosen is a fun-filled frolic through a world of zombies, werewolves, swords, magic, miniguns, revolvers, and shields. Once you've had your fun running through a few levels with a six-shooter in one hand and a buckler in another, you might find yourself wondering how a game you had possibly never heard of before could be so satisfying. So go out and give The Chosen a try."       ~ Gamer 2.0

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