The Business Insider wants the iPhone to be a ... Game Gear?

by: Cyril -
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On its face a list of The 10 iPhone Accessories We'd Love To Have sounds like an incredibly generic top ten list.  But The Business Insider ran with the story anyway, proving my knee-jerk reaction wrong.  What could have been an incredibly dull piece about minor upgrades was enhanced by genius idea of turning your iPhone into an electric shaver, breathalizer, meat thermometer and more.  But it was the idea of turning the iPhone into a "real" portable game machine that caught my eye.  In the picture (below), the author jokes that the iPhone should be more like the Game Gear, Sega's ill-fated portable console.  While it's clear that The Business Insider wasn't suggesting that it should really BE the Game Gear, it's interesting to see the website use the Sega unit over, say, the Sony PSP (or something that at least looks like an iPhone).

Even more curious, the website also wants to see a TV Tuner, nevermind the fact that you can no longer pick up television channels over the airwaves.  But wait second, the Game Gear had a TV tuner more than a decade ago.  And it had the controls you want.  Plus it had real, honest to goodness portable games.  Hey Business Insiders, are you sure it's not a Game Gear that you want?  I have one for sale, if you're looking.
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