The Art of Journey art book has augmented reality pages that pop out at you

by: Randy -
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"We wanted something classic but not cliche. Something familiar but something you've never seen before," says Jenova Chen, CEO of Thatgamecompany, creator of Journey. The Art of Journey video below recounts the love – the love – that went into what has to be one of the most artistically and musically acclaimed video games of all time.

The video also lightly documents the creation of The Art of Journey hardcover art book. Written by Matt Nava, Journey's art director, the book covers the creative and narrative decisions that went into Journey's creation.  

The kind of crazy part is when they bring in DAQRI, an augmented reality developer. Somebody holds an Android or iOS device over the book's pages and suddenly towers and serpents are lifting off the page like a digital pop-up book.

The Art of Journey is available on Amazon.

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