The Apes will Escape again this summer

by: Jeremy -
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... and you thought that you had seen the last of Sony’s little primates.

Sony has announced that the Ape Escape franchise is coming back, this time in a title designed specifically for the PlayStation Move. PlayStation Move Ape Escape will be available later this summer as a PS3 exclusive through the PlayStation Network.

The new Ape Escape title will bring 15 levels of action as players use the their PlayStation Move controller to control a wide variety of gadgets and tools to capture the rogue monkeys. There are more than 500 monkeys to catch throughout the game and they will all be tracked by the in-game “MonkeyPedia”. In additional to the solo adventure, players will also have the ability to challenge their friends in an assortment of over the top mini-games.

The Ape Escape franchise has always been an enjoyable one for me. Sometime it is nice to kick back and play a game that requires zero thought, and this series provides just that. The previous titles have been filled with mindless fun (and I mean that in a good way) and I expect no less from the new installment...

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