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The 61 worst gaming T-shirts

by: Sean Colleli -
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Games Radar has an interesting piece on the mountains of crappy, repetitive gaming T-shirts that seem to be everywhere, and how they all re-use the same tired jokes and references. I never thought about it too much but a lot of these shirts really are pretty lame. Here they've collected 61 of the most eye-roll worthy Cafe Press rejects--mostly variations on a bad joke or worn-out movie reference, awkwardly grafted to Mario or Pac-Man art.

I don't mind people referencing their gaming hobby with apparel but they should at least be classy with it. A minimalist silhouette of Link or a crowbar superimposed on a lambda are infinitely preferable to an NES cartridge that says "blow me" underneath it. It also gets under my skin when I see a teenager wearing a shirt with a hacky 8-bit reference on it, like those "classically trained" shirts with a silkscreen of a 2600 joystick, when the kid probably wasn't even born yet in the 80s. Maybe I'm too uptight or getting old (ha!) but I wish there was more class in gaming apparel. The mass-marketing of anything by Hot Topic just ruins it, and it's pretty bad when you see the same embarrassing shirt two dozen times at PAX.