The 10 Most Unnecessary Games of 2008 -- courtesy of Defunct Games

by: Randy -
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You've already read all the top 10 lists of video games for the year.  There's probably a top 10 list of top 10 lists for video games of the year.  But Defunct Games would like to give you some more useful advice--in the form of what not to buy into from 2008.  Just as November saw the holiday glut of games clogging GameStops and online servers alike, the end of December marks the start of the dry season.  It's slim pickings round these parts if you're searching the near horizon.  So, lest your curiosity get the best of you and your wallet in the coming weeks (once all the Fables and Fallouts and Left 4 Deads are out of your system), educate yourself on the 10 Most Unnecessary Games of 2008.  (Here's a startling revelation:  One of them has the word Portal in its title, while several others have little musical instrument peripherals attached to their gameplay.)
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