Ten minutes of Jonathan Blow narrating some puzzling gameplay in The Witness

by: Randy -
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Jonathan Blow, creator of 2008's critically acclaimed time-manipulation platformer, Braid, shows off 10 minutes' worth of gameplay footage from his upcoming game, The Witness. You're basically a formless body traversing an island made up of puzzle-locked doors. When the puzzle lock looks confusing, you'll run around your immediate environment and solve smaller puzzles that teach you how to solve bigger puzzles. Instead of an inventory screen, the knowledge you gain about how to solve puzzles is your inventory.

I have no doubt The Witness tells a story, but the gameplay looks like puzzles for puzzles' sake, and that piques my interest only just so far. Until I see a hint or two toward some kind of overarching narrative, I'm feeling tepid about it all.

The Witness comes out on PC, iOS and PlayStation 4 sometime in the middle of this year.

[via NukemDukem]

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