Tekken X Street Fighter announced too!

by: Jeremy -
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The big news that flowed out of the weekend was announced on Saturday, as John posted yesterday. There was more to the announcement than what was shown though. Sure, Ono and a crew at Capcom are hard at work on Street Fighter X Tekken, and the first gameplay footage was actually shown at the event. There were two other games announced by Ono as well though: Tekken X Street Fighter and Street Fighter 3- Third Strike Online.

Like may of the rumors prior to the event explained, there are actually two games in development, one by Capcom and one by Namco, both for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. We have seen Capcom’s offering which is based on the Street Fighter IV engine, but Namco also has a 3D fighter in the works featuring characters from both series which we have not seen. According to an interview that Yoshinori Ono has given to Famitsu in Japan the titles are literally in their infancy, being only about 2 months old. Don’t expect to see either for these titles until at least 2012.

The online version of Third Strike is also early in development and likely won’t see a release for sometime. Very few details on this project were given aside from its existence and the fact that it is still quite a ways off. I think that it would be safe to assume that Third Strike Online will be a downloadable title distributed through the Xbox Live and PlayStation Network services. In the mean time, you can check out the official trailer as well as a gameplay video of Capcom’s offering, Street Fighter X Capcom below:

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