Tegra 2 tablet and phone owners are going to get PlayStation 1 and 2 games

by: John -
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When Sony showed of the Xperia Play and their PlayStation Suite, I turned to Chuck and said I don't think Sony's going to confine that to just the Xperia Play. I bet they're banking big on making the PS Suite as a hub to deliver games to all capable Android devices and they want that to be their big product, rather than the phone itself.

Well, NVIDIA today announced that Sony's PlayStation Suite is coming to all Tegra 2 based tablets and phones this year. With that comes games that will be from both the PSOne and PS2 consoles. That's pretty awesome news.

I've been holding out for a Tegra based phone since I saw the tech at CES a few years ago. I'm hoping that the EVO 3D phone that's going to be announced for Sprint in a few weeks will use Tegra 2. I know of a few chips that are capable of driving a parallax 3D display for glassless 3D and the Tegra 2 is one of them. 

Now, I just need Sony to let us pair a PS3 controller to the phone. I can currently pair up a Wiimote to my EVO 4G and play some games using it, but it would be really cool to do a PS3 controller as well. You could conceivably hook up your phone via HDMI, pair up a controller, and play PS games on a big screen all from a device that fits in your pocket.

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