Tecmo bringing a little Virtua Fighter to DOA5

by: Jeremy -
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Team Ninja has a little bit of a surprise in store for Dead or Alive fans with Dead or Alive 5; how does a little Virtua Fighter crossover action sound? The latest vignette for Dead or Alive 5 reveals that Virtua Fighter staple Akira Yuki will be joining the battle when the game launches on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

The game, which is due out this coming September, marks the first time that fighters from other fighting games have appeared in the roster. Sure, we have see the likes of a Halo Spartan join the fray, but this time around we will be seeing an established character who just happens to be the face of his respective series.

Who knows, perhaps Team Ninja has a few more surprises in store as we approach the game’s release this Fall. Until then, marvel at his reveal in the Japanese trailer below:

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