TechCrunch shows us what Ballmer's saying at the CES keynote

by: John -
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A few of us here at Gaming Nexus will be at CES in a week and Dan's been saying we have to go to the Microsoft keynote. Well if what TechCrunch says is true, I'm going to skip it. The "highlights" of the keynote will be that Windows 7 will be an open beta, two already announced Halo games coming to the 360, easier networking, and Windows Mobile gets Flash in the first quarter of this year. If again this is true, then yeah it's going to be pretty boring. I mean we already have Flash on Windows Mobile via Opera on some of the latest WinMo phones and the two Halo games are pretty much well known in the gaming community. If you really want to you can find a leaked copy of the Windows 7 beta so the only thing we don't have any knowledge on is the easier networking which isn't that big of a deal in my opinion. Overall, sounds like something we can skip but who knows. Dan, Sean, or I might just stop by and check out the happenings before Digital Experience.
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