Team Ico tells you why they don't do sequels

by: John -
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Having played and finished Shadow of Colossus a few months ago, I wondered why such a great game along with Ico didn't get a sequel. You did have somethings that connected the two games but the team has tried to go on with a new game such as their upcoming The Last Guardian.

Well, director and lead design of Team Ico, Fumito Ueda, goes on to say that in essence, they can't live up to the first game's quality so they go on to develop a brand new game. That's refreshing as this is a team that's not going to compromise quality in trying to just make money off of a previous success. You don't see that much nowadays but I'd rather have just a single game of fond memories than to have a sequel that doesn't live up the billing of the previous game coming out of the team.
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