Team Fortress 2 is free, free, FREE!

by: John -
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Team Fortress 2 is one of my favorite games of all time and now everyone can play without having to pay a penny. Yes, on the PC and Mac, you can download Team Fortress 2 and get in on the action without paying a dime.

There's absolutely no reason now to not get this game if you don't have it. It's one of the best multiplayer games out there and they keep on updating it like crazy. I've definitely got a ton more than my money's worth on it and now that it's free, well, there's no excuse not to download it.

To celebrate the occasion, we finally get the Meet the Medic video below. Ah, these videos are so awesome. The only one left is the Pyro, but for now, enjoy some of the fine skills of the Medic and how he achieves the Uber effect.

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