Team Bondi - kthxbi

by: Nathaniel -
Anyone who has spent any amount of time reading about videogames on the internet in the last month or two is probably aware of the firestorm of criticisms that have sprung up around LA Noire developer, Team Bondi.  If you don't know, they've been accused of ugly working conditions, and not acknowledging everyone in LA Noire's credits; but, perhaps worst of all, was the news that Rockstar is refusing to work with them ever again.  

Well today, what Team Bondi has sown, they are now forced to reap. is reporting that, according to they've been placed into external administration (now I'm no expert on Australian Securities and Investments practices, but I'm assuming it means the government has stepped in to shut things down in an orderly fashion).  

If you don't know the story, you should read up on it because it sounds like Team Bondi is getting exactly what they deserve.  

We'll keep you up to speed as this story develops.
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