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In the ever-changing economy of our country, retailers are constantly struggling and changing to find ways to ensure that you spend your dollars with them over the competition. The retail chain of Target stores is one of those such retailers and they are currently taking action to try and lure you and other gamers into their stores rather than going somewhere else.

Just last month, Target began rolling out redesigned electronics and video game(s) departments to its stores in the U.S; the process is expected to continue through the end of March. The new and improved department(s) will boast a minimum of 30% of additional space for the gaming departments as well as providing more kiosks to customers to both educate and give customers hands-on opportunities with the products.

That educational aspect that I speak of involves new “Learning Centers” which will allow customers easy access to information on the games that are interested in as well as make recommendations on related titles and products. These centers will consist of 40-inch HD touchscreens and provide an experience similar to those already found in stores like Gamestop.

The same initiative will be flowing over to the electronics department top compliment the focus being given to gamer-needs; the store will also begin carrying larger televisions as well as an expanded line of complimentary products (televisions, sound systems, etc.). Even though this decision is being spurred solely by their desire to get our gaming dollar, it is nice to see a company acknowledging just how important the gaming industry has become. It would not surprise me to see more retailers put a larger focus on catering to the gaming market in order to help their bottom line.

Source: Industry Gamers

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