Tap out the Simpsons for free on iOS

by: Dan -
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So EA Mobile is partnering again with The Simpsons, this time to bring us a totally free new iOS title called The Simpsons: Tapped Out. The concept of this city building game is simple, build up Springfield the way YOU want it to look. The cool thing is that the game features original content form the writers and animators of The Simpsons, so it feels like a Simpsons episode. Of course, the uncool thing is that the game isn’t completely free, as micro-transactions allow you to stock up on donuts once you start playing (they can buy things and speed up tasks in-game). But leave it to The Simpsons to start the game off spoofing the whole micro-transaction phenomena at the start of the game.

This is the second new title in as many weeks from EA Mobile that have this same free to get style of play after the recent release of Monopoly Hotels. I downloaded the game and have given it a test run, and it is actually pretty cool time waster, but it looks like there are still a few glitches to work out. Check out this trailer and head over to your friendly App Store to pick it up.

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