Talks of Activision Blizzard sale heating up

by: John -
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So, about a month ago, rumors began that Activision Blizzard might be up for sale. I actually brought this up to a few folks and one scoffed at it saying it'll never happen. No way no how.

Fast forward to today and it looks like it's starting to come true. Vivendi is seeking a buyer for its 61% share of the company at $8.1B. That's biillion with a big B.

If no one comes forward to buy it, they are looking at selling shares of it. The pressure is on Vivendi to turn around their stock price, which is at a nine year low.

The question now is, who has enough money to purchase the home of Call of Duty and World of Warcraft. We know those two print money, but for how much longer? That's a lot of money to be putting up for a game company, even if the track record for Activision Blizzard seems solid with good titles in tow.
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