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Take your MvC2 game to the next level...

by: Jeremy -
More On: Marvel Vs. Capcom 2
 After years and years... six to be exact... of preparation and work, the ultimate combination / instructional video is available for aspiring Marvel vs. Capcom 2 players.  Joo's Combo Collection, a project that has been highlighted by both Capcom and various fighting game organizations across the net over the past couple years has finally been completed and released to the public.  A teaser for the project was released a while back, which had players salivating for the final work.  Salivate no more... now you can download the fruits of Joo's labor for absolutely no charge.  
Over at the official website for the project, interested gamers can download the full DVD with a over three hours of content covering everything from basic techniques to incredibly complicated combos that will make you a beast on the MvC2 scene.  Don't expect a cake walk to reach the top though, these are the sorts of combos and techniques that involve frame counting and attention to even the smallest details.  If nothing us, it is an absolute blast to watch.  If you want an idea of what you are in for, check out the trailer below or head on over to the official site  and get the full version.  Let me warn you though, it is HUGE, 7.4 GB to be exact.
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