Take to the skies in Atlus's new MMORTG...and did I mention it's free?

by: Russell -
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A couple weeks back, Sean Cahill reported that the open beta period for Atlus's MMORTG Knights of the Sky had started, and the completed game was to be launched sometime in the spring.  Well, it appears that spring has come pretty quickly, as I got an email today with some info on the game, and when I went to check it out, I didn't see anything saying that it was an open beta, so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on that.

For those that don't know, Knights of the Sky is an MMORTS where every player can take command of a Sky Castle.  This castle will be a mobile base of operations from which they can house their army recruit heroes, develop new technologies, and so forth.  However, with other players vying for the same pool of resources, you must skillfully develop your bases and plan your defenses and move in for some high-flying RTS warfare.

Want to try it out?  Head over to the Knights of the Sky website to sign up.
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