Take peak behind the curtain of LBP Vita

by: Jeremy -
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Sony is giving players a peak behind the proverbial curtain at LittleBigPlanet Vita thanks to a new video. The video gives you a little bit of insight of the collaboration between Media Molecule, Tarsier Studios, and double Eleven Studios on the development of the game.

Long heralded for their creativity with the costume packs for the other games, Tarsier Studios has been given a much larger role this time around. Media Molecule has pretty much given them creative freedom to craft an entire game, not just a few outfits for the various Sackboys.  Although their is a new group of developers at the head of the project, this is still a LittleBigPlanet game and the core mechanics remain the same. The goal here isn’t just to provide a fun gameplay experience, but give players the ability to craft their own experiences and share them with the world.

The game is due out later this month exclusively for the PlayStation Vita.

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