Take a look into tactical battles in Shiren The Wanderer

by: Tina -
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The official blog for Shiren The Wanderer has just given us a heads up on some of the tactics you’ll need to stick to in order to survive in the game.

The project lead on Shiren The Wanderer, Scott Strichart, wants you to know that he hates all you gamers who like to rampage through dungeons swinging your weapons randomly. In this game, he stresses that tactics really are your friend even though some people might be more apt to ignore them.

In his post, Scott analyzes Shiren and his companions’ battle against the evil Centipede boasting six katanas at his disposal. The grid-based battle system here will allow you and your AI to affectively combat the Centipede throughout their turns. However, you can also turn on “Full Control Mode” to take place of your AI when you think your tactics would do better.

Scott sets up Shiren for his tank, being that he utilizes a shield, and Sensei for attack given that his dual wielding will allow him two attacks for each turn. He also ensures that he’s got his inventory stocked with healing herbs in case smart tactical positioning isn’t enough to defeat a very large, very sneaky Centipede with six katanas.

I don’t know about all of you, but this isn’t really groundbreaking news to me. This is the general route you should be taking for most RPGs, especially in dungeon areas. Stocked inventory, planned moves including knowing your character’s strengths and weaknesses and strategic positioning is usually what I’m doing. Nonetheless, it seems like a good peak into the bosses and the sort of battles you’ll be getting yourself into as Shiren The Wanderer, and we’re promised more blogging in the near future.
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