Take Two to acquire license to WWE games

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As a fan of professional wrestling (mainly WWE and Ring of Honor...and yes, I know it's scripted), I occasionally hit up a couple dirt sheet sites for info.  While browsing Wrestlezone recently, they have a news post that according to IGN, Take Two is set to acquire the license for WWE games.  Below is a snippet of the post on IGN:

"Sources have indicated to IGN that the WWE game franchise will be sold to Take Two, parent company of 2K.  Terms of the sale are unknown at this time, as details have not been finalized."

This...I can live with.  Out of any publisher to date who's tried to make a wrestling-based video game based on an actual wrestling company such as WWE, WCW, or ECW, THQ by far was the better company among others such as Acclaim, so it is sad that THQ filed for bankruptcy a while back.  However, I'm curious as to how Take Two/2K/whoever ends up working on the games will do with the series.  They have a lot to live up to.

Source: IGN
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