Take On Mars updates with new Deimos content

by: Travis -
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Bohemia Interactive has announced that its space simulation game, Take On Mars, has received an update through its early access program on Stream. The Deimos content update features two additional locations, Zero-G Probe vehicle, dynamic mission generation, and expanded weather systems. The new locations include one of Mars' moons named Deimos and the other places players on an asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars.

Take On Mars Project Lead Martin Melicharek provided further details on the new content:

The new locations let you experience movement in a zero gravity environment, adding a new dimension to Take On Mars' already vast aspect of robotic vehicle simulation. This also gives you the opportunity to witness an amazing ballet of asteroids in the Asteroid Belt location. Fellow space enthusiasts will also be excited to learn that the Martian weather systems are also newly present in the game, affecting your vehicles in a realistic manner. All in all, while the real Mars Curiosity keeps making discoveries, Take On Mars keeps pushing forward, improving accordingly with the great feedback we have been receiving from fellow players.

The new Zero-G Probe remote vehicle is designed for use in zero-gravity environments. Lastly, gameplay is expanded even further with a dynamic mission feature that generates tasks around the player's current location in addition to new weather conditions with sandstorms and strong winds. Take On Mars is available now through Steam.
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