Tabula Rasa 2008 AFS War College candidates announced

by: Randy -
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It's kind of agonizing to watch Tabula Rasa's subscription numbers fumble, since Richard Garriott and his crew work overtime to create a relevant metagame out of what would typically be a non-notable event.  To this end, General Darkstarr and General British have announced the call-signs of the attendees of the 2008 AFS War College:
  • MrGlass
  • Woebringer
  • Line
  • Lanster
  • TankHardrive
  • PegasusMD
  • Youngblood
  • Rothnang
The AFS War College will be held in Austin, Texas, at the Destination Games studios for a full day, where those eight candidates will be getting a dev-guided preview of Tabula Rasa's Deployment 10 update.  They were chosen due to their diligent /bug reporting and intelligent forum feedback.  This filtering process also makes them perfect candidates to report their findings at the AFS War College to everyone else in the game.  But if they suddenly get forum-shy, an "embedded war journalist" will be reporting on Deployment 10 also.  I'll sadly admit, Tabula Rasa didn't hold my attention indefinitely, but an event like this is simply brilliant.
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