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TREVA Entertinament to publish Mahjong 3D next week

by: Russell -
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On December 27th, TREVA Entertainment will be publishing Mahjong 3D on the Nintendo 3DS eShop for $9.99.  I'm no stranger to portable Mahjong games, as I reviewed Mahjong Cu3ed a while back.  However, Mahjong 3D will offer three game modes (one of which appears to be an actual story mode), 160 levels, and a puzzle creator so you can create your own unique Mahjong puzzles.  Sometimes I can barely solve a puzzle properly, I'd hate to see what would happen if I tried to create my own Mahjong puzzle.

Premiere: Real three-dimensional Mahjong game in the Nintendo eShop
On the 27th of December TREVA Entertainment publishes “Mahjong 3D” in the eShop for the Nintendo 3DS™. This means that fans of more cerebral games will then for the first time be able to load up a genuine 3D mobile version onto their consoles. With its impressive graphics and thrilling background story, it’s a real feast of an experience for casual gamers.
Hamburg, 17th December 2012 – The past decades have seen the popular classic Mahjong lose none of its attraction, and with its simple playing concept it still appeals to all age groups, just as it always has. However, all too often the enjoyment has been dulled by less than clear graphics and monotonous puzzles. That changes with “Mahjong 3D”. With this Nintendo 3DS title, the successful Chinese board game appears for the first time in the Nintendo of America eShop and can be easily downloaded onto consoles. Those days of numerous bits of packaging lying around the house or taking up unnecessary space in your luggage are gone, consigned to the past. The new three dimensional presentation lets the tiles be viewed from different perspectives, making them particularly easy to see all over. The boards themselves will enchant with their beautiful backgrounds depicting stone temples, green landscapes or imposing Buddhas. Together with its impressive sense of depth, the game really does make the ancient empire come to life in all its glory. The game contains more than 180 puzzles with a richly varied background story which takes the player back to a time of feuding Chinese provinces headed by mighty warlords. In the three playing modes Battle, Duel and Build, skilfully vanquish your opponents using fast paced moves, acquire allies and rebuild your country’s temples.
The plentiful short puzzles make the game an ideal recreation for those in between moments, because you’ll always have time for a quick puzzle session. No matter if you’re on the bus, on your lunch break, or just waiting for your friends. And once you meet up you can then use the StreetPass™ function to exchange new levels with them that you have created previously using the integrated level editor. Endless playing enjoyment is guaranteed.
The Nintendo 3DS game “Mahjong 3D” will be available on 27th of December in the eShop, priced at $9.99. In order to enter the virtual market place, players can find a local ‘Access Point’ in ‘Game Settings’ and then use it to establish an Internet connection. And then the shopping fun can begin.

Key Features
  • Seven different worlds and over 80 levels in conquer mode.
  • Quick Play mode with 90 puzzles playable in easy, normal and hard modes.
  • Beautiful 3D scenes as backgrounds. 
  • Cool special effects in real 3D: The titles are really jumping out at you!
  • Level editor: The player can create his own Mahjong board and formation.
  • Debate level: Who will finish first? Play against your enemies on the same Mahjong board.
  • Exchange of high scores, unlockables and character progress through StreetPass mode.