THQ’s new WWE game takes shape

by: Jeremy -
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THQ has a new WWE game in the works and it isn’t a part of the Smackdown vs. Raw games we have come to know. All of the rumors and speculation began a few weeks back when the WWE’s own “Good ‘Ol” JR, Jim Ross, noted in his personal blog that he would be working on doing voice overs along with Jerry “The King” Lawler for a new video game that pitted classic WWE stars from yester-year against the biggest names from today. Shortly after that mention, a new trademark was spotted on the national registry for "WWE All Stars”, and it belongs to THQ.

The game is now official thanks to THQ’s Sal DiVita. According to an interview on Gamespot’s On the Spot, WWE All Stars is a stylized arcade fighting game rather than a wrestling simulation. The character designs are exaggerated and the personalities are being boosted to a “larger than life scale”. The gameplay will focus on chaining moves together and forming combos in an extremely over-the-top fashion. When you see the game in action, you will know exactly what he is talking about: the game is really, really over the top.

So far, the only two characters known to be in the game are John Cena and the Rock. Many other classic personalities will be included and revealed next week at E3. WWE All Stars will be shipping in early 2011 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and possibly the Nintendo Wii. You can check out a few early screenshots below:

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