THQ releases new video for WWE '13 showing off WWE Live and Predator Technology 2.0

by: Nathan -
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Great news for WWE fans as THQ has revealed brand new info about WWE '13 including the new "WWE Live" feature and Predator Technology 2.0. THQ has drastically overhauled the audio system in the game so crowds will now react like real live WWE audiences. They will cheer for huge moves, finishers, near falls, weapon shots and more. Also improved is the games commentary.

The commentary in the video below sounds more realistic and less like they are reading off scripts with zero enthusiasm. The game will also feature two commentary teams. Michael Cole and King for present day matches and the classic team of King and JR for Attitude Era matches. No word yet if we can switch announce teams for different eras. 

Finally THQ has shows off the improved Predator Technology in the game. The team has added tons of new animations and has added new finisher reversals for opponent jumping off the top rope at their opponents. Some of these moves include catching an opponent in a code breaker, catching them by the throat for a choke slam, or hoisting them on your shoulders for a GTS.

I have always loved THQ's WWE games and cannot wait for this years game. The crowd has always been a huge problem for these games and as they always sound dead and lifeless or just about everything going on in the match. 

Check out the new video below!

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