THQ launches Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter

by: Marissa -
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On the heels of its highly underplayed predecessor comes THQ's Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter for the Wii and DS. If it's anywhere near being as fun to play as the first Drawn to Life on DS, you'll want to check this out. 

Players will be heading back to Raposa Village, where they'll need to draw their own hero and weapons to defeat their enemies. New to this iteration is the Action Drawing tool, which lets players draw objects directly into the game to help navigate environments.

"We are excited to bring the Drawn to Life franchise to the Wii console for the first time," said Randy Shoemaker, vice president of brand management for THQ. "Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter expands on the creative elements seen in previous games within the series and allows players the freedom to bring to life the characters, environments, and objects they dream up. The game demonstrates how THQ is committed to building this successful brand, which has resonated profoundly with both the casual and core gamers."

All I want for Christmas is a copy of this game...and for Santa to end the casual/hardcore dichotomy.
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