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THQ files for Chapter 11

by: John -
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It what seemed inevitable, THQ has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Clearlake is acquiring the roughly $60 million in assets that they have and hopes the sale will be completed in about 30 days.

All their current projects aren't being affected yet and they continue to work on games such as the South Park game they showed off at E3

I am saddened by the news and I hope they come out of it. Personally, I've met many great people at THQ and we've had a great working relationship with them through many years. They've been very generous with us in the past, but the people there really are great to work with. They have a huge passion for their games and they've made some great ones such as Saint's Row 3, the Dawn of War series, and Red Faction Guerrilla.

This doesn't mean they are closing up shop as they're working on restructuring. With the recent Humble Bundle deal, THQ's been trying to spread some good karma. Let's hope they get paid in kind and THQ comes out for the better next year.