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Kotaku has a report that 86 folks in the QA department of Volition are being let go in 60 days. Being part of a larger company, I always thought they shared QA departments but I guess some companies still have some of their own. Anyways, 47 temporary workers won't have their contracts renewed and an additional 39 full timers are being let go. This comes after THQ is letting go 24% of their workforce. Sorry to hear about the guys being let go and I hope they find work soon. Good luck to them.

-Update- Here's the official word from THQ:

Here are the facts:

As part of THQ Inc’s, previously announced business realignment plans and related headcount reductions, there was a layoff yesterday at the Champaign QA facility.  This will result in the eventual closure of the facility with a transfer of sixteen employees to Volition.

It will not result in any layoffs within the core development teams at Volition.  Volition remains a key development studio within THQ and will continue to employ 236 staff.

The layoffs include 47 temporary employees who will not be having their service extended.  Unfortunately, fluctuating headcount among the temporary staff is common based on when our games ship.  In addition, 39 full-time staff will be laid off.

All laid off employees (both full-time and temporary) will be given at least sixty days’ notice.  We will do what we can to assist them in finding work in the community or elsewhere in THQ.

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