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THQ cancels inSANE, rights go back to Del Toro

by: John -
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Call it another victim of THQ's bell tightening. Today, THQ announced that the joint venture with filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro, inSANE, has been cancelled. This comes on the heels of cancelling Devil's Third as well as selling off their UFC license.

The game was suppose to be a trilogy, but now it's looking for a publisher. I hope someone does decide to pick it up as I love Del Toro's work and would love to see what he could do in the video game medium.

So far the closures and cancellations have saved THQ $180 million and another $32 million in licensing spending.

The savings are significant but hey, THQ maybe losing a unique IP in inSANE but we'll be getting that Homefront sequel we are all clamoring for from them..... What?