THQ asks you to make choice: Hogan or Cena

by: Jeremy -
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When it comes to wrestling, each generation has their “big name” or hero. When I was little it was Hulk Hogan, throughout the late ‘90‘s and into the early 2000‘s it was Stone Cold and the Rock, and now days that title belongs to John Cena. The question is, who actually is the best? WWE All Stars hopes to answer that question.

THQ has released a new video hyping the release of the upcoming game by pitting the legends of both Hulk Hogan and John Cena against one another. The trailer comes alongside the launch of a new Facebook application which poses the same question but with other iconic wrestling figures featured in the game.

Granted, no actual gameplay is shown in the trailer, but it does give a foundation to the premise of the game. I think that the game looks like a lot of fun and will be a nice change of pace for the wrestling game-genre. All of the titles released now days focus solely on being a true simulation... bring back the over the top fun of games like Tecmo’s Wrestlefest or Midway’s Wrestlemania. There are also a bunch of new screenshots and art for the game which have been released to the public, all featured below thanks to PastaPadre.

Source: TSA

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